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  • Soak Your Nuts! A Lesson From Jem CEO, Jen Moore

    Most people enjoy nuts like almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts (if there are no allergies present) as well as the creamy, rich buttery bi-product we have all enjoyed on sandwiches, with apples and bananas for what seems like generations. Although most people are not aware that proper preparation is key when it comes to actually getting the nutrients they carry, to avoid any indigestion that may occur from mass-produced nuts and seeds that make their way onto the shelves of our food grocers.

    First of all, I prefer to use the terms soaked and germinated. Soaking is only half the battle (as germination can imply anything expanding into greater being from a small existence) in sprouting, soaking and germinating nuts and seeds. Grains and legumes has been going on for a very long time. Documentation has been noted as far back as 3000 B.C. in China, and in the old Testament of the Christian Bible. More recently, in the past 10 plus years sprouting and soaking nuts, seeds and grains has increased in popularity with the resurgence of the extensive work done by Dr. Weston Price.

    In her book, Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon has many great recipes using sprouted foods. I believe that one of the contributing factors to the increased popularity and knowledge around sprouting is due to a larger number of people who have become more food sensitive and need the help that sprouting, soaking and germination provides that makes their foods more bio-available and easier to digest. As a Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, I feel motivated to help educate people on the simple but highly important ways to prepare nuts and seeds so they can enjoy them, but also obtain the benefits from them.

    Why take the time soak, germinate then dehydrate nuts? Four good reasons it is worth the time. One: If nothing else, you are cleaning them! All nuts go through a lot before they get to you. Why not take some time and give them a good soak and rinse? They have been on a long journey. Two: They just taste better! Three: Increased nutritional availability according to Dr. Szekely and written in Gabriel Cousens MD book, Spiritual Nutrition. Soaked sprouted and germinated nuts, seeds, and grains have an increased energy charge. They are high in digestible proteins, essential fats, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Soaking activates enzymes and neutralizes acids in order to increase the nutrition available in the nut. Four: Helps to alkalize the body. Why is this important? Bacteria and disease do not seem to flourish in alkaline environment. When nuts are soaked and germinated their pH increases which makes them more alkaline and in turn can be a part of a alkaline rich diet that takes your body from more of an acidic state (think inflammation), to an alkaline state.

    How to soak and germinate Almonds:
    1. Soak almonds for 12 hours in enough filtered or spring water to cover nuts with about an inch extra on the top. Add approx. 1 tsp pink Himalayan salt for every 1 cup organic almonds. You can soak in the fridge.
    2. Rinse almonds well.
    3. At this point you can do many things with your “activated” almonds:

    a. Dehydrate at low temp for several hours until crispy. Season as you wish
    b. Make your own nut milk~ blend with a little water then using a nut bag, squeeze out the milk. Add some vanilla and yumm –– drink up!

    Enjoy the process of slowing down and taking the time to soak, sprout and germinate. It’s worth the time and your body will be better off.

  • Vegan Smores Dessert Pizza

    Alexa Fueled Naturally came up with this amazing creation, and we just had to share!
  • A Trend That's Here To Stay

    JEM was recently featured as a 2017 food and drink trend on The Today Show. Nilou Motamed, Editor in Chief of Food & Wine, called out 2017 as the year of “familiar foods with a twist.” It’s all about making our food special.

    The exotic flavor of cardamom is taking the world by storm. During the 4-minute segment, JEM’s popular Cashew Cardamom nut butter was showcased as a must-have treat. Our nut butters are leading a “healthy renaissance,” where snacking is both delicious and good for you. Drizzle JEM on everything from popcorn, fruit, desserts, cereal and even pizza (!) for straight-up, ditch-the-guilt decadence.

    When the cover of Bon Appetit magazine proclaims, “because healthy should still be delicious,” it’s a celebration of the heart to have our core values revered. (We can’t stop high-fiving each other!) Health and happiness matters, and the two often walk hand-in-hand.

    Food trends are a funny thing. We’ve seen them come and go over the past century. Remember the TV dinner craze? We’ve morphed from low-fat foods to the food pyramid to low-carb everything. For decades good old-fashioned real food has fallen by the wayside.

    Nutella is a perfect example of a food that started out with good intentions. The original ingredient list? Whole hazelnuts ground up with real chocolate. That was it. Eventually artificial flavors and colors were added, as well as hydrogenated palm oil. *insert scowl here*

    When we started JEM, our vision was crystal clear. And non-negotiable. We wanted a product that was not only delicious, but would stand the test of time and trends. Inspired by the infinite wisdom found in Nature, we created a balanced treat that is also a functional food. We use organic ingredients and sprouted nuts that are stone-ground with ancient spices and roots. These artisanal techniques have stood the test of time. Some of our ingredients and practices have been used for over 10,000 years!

    Simple, wholesome, wildly delicious real food is THE trend that’s here to stay.

  • Spread the Jem love this Valentine's Day!

    It's words like these that fill our hearts - this Valentine's Day, spread the love with Jem. We'll be giving away a FREE 1.25oz jar of Jem with every purchase you make on our site, through the 14th. So treat someone you love to a jar of goodness and keep the little jar for yourself (or however you want to swing it, we won't tell). 


    '🌿🍂 dearest friends, i have an announcement to make. i am IN LOVE with@jemorganics. 💎 like...madly in love. and this is coming from a true nut butter snob. 💁🏼🌰 jem sprouts, stone-grinds, and blends their nuts to make the smoothest, most flavorful, nutritionally dense nut butters ever. 🐝 and their flavors!! GAH. they're all made with different superfoods and i'm obsesseddddd. maca is def one of my favorite super ingredients. 🌻🌳🌞 jem also makes a cashew curry tahini. DROOL. as some of you may know, i'm currently trying to add more healthy fats into my diet. ✨🌟 anyone on a hormone-healing journey knows how important high-quality fats are. these nut butters are honestly SO delicious, you can just straight-up eat them with a spoon. 🥄😻'  - Jenni Brooke


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