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JEM Organics four No Sugar Added nut butters lined up on a marble table
Are you a keto diet enthusiast and avid nut butter lover? Can’t find delicious yet healthy nut butter that’s also keto-friendly? Well, we’ve got you covered. JEM Organics’ new line of No Sugar Added Naked nut butter is rich in healthy fats and low in carbs. All with the same great taste you love, but now with no added guilt.
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Illustrations of a backpack, calculator, JEM jar, hydroflask, notebook and pens
It’s almost time to head back to work or school this fall. Whether you are studying at home or at school, here at JEM Organics, we believe that everyone should have the tools they need to be healthy. So, we have created a list of go-to easy snacks that both you and the kiddos can enjoy.
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Old Mill Bend Oregon
The sun is out, the heat is slowly coming in and flowers and trees are blooming. We all know what that means, Summer is rolling in! Everyone here in Bend, Oregon absolutely loves Summer activities. There is always something fun and adventurous to try here. This is why we wanted to share some of our favorite JEM Summer activities to do in Bend. If you try some of these suggestions, don’t forget to bring a jar of JEM as a snack.
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