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At JEM Organics, we aim to provide the most nutrients in every bite of our amazing nut butter. This is why we carefully hand select each ingredient, are USDA Certified Organic, choose ethical vendors, sprout our nuts and have been recognized for our clean products.
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JEM Organics Nut Butter is so delicious and so’s hard not to just eat the whole jar in one sitting. As tempting as it is to eat the entire jar, there are countless other ways that you can eat and enjoy every drop of JEM Organics.

Here are the 6 fundamental ways to enjoy our amazingly smooth nut butter:

Dip it, Drizzle it, Spread it, Blend it, Whip it and Savor it!

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The list of produce you should buy organic.
We all want to purchase healthy and safe foods for our family and ourselves. The question is, which ones are considered safe? There are particular foods that are known to contain more pesticides and other toxins than other foods. These are called the Dirty Dozen. These twelve foods are ones that you should purchase organic if you have the opportunity. As we mentioned before in the previous blog, pesticides and toxins can cause serious health issues in the long-term.
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The globe with organic environmental facts.
We hope things get better from here. Since it’s a New Year it’s time for new year’s resolutions. After what we’ve been through in 2020, everyone is much more aware and sensitive about their health. And good health starts with healthy eating. you plan those resolutions, take our suggestion and increase the amount of organic foods in your diet. Why should you buy organic? We know it’s more expensive, but there are more benefits than most people are aware of. We, the JEM team, want to provide you with a few fun facts on what USDA Certified Organic really means and help you start adding some organic products to your shopping cart.
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