Healthy people are sexy––it's as simple as that. Do you have a certain someone on your Christmas list who's so healthy they're sexy? Three 6-ounce jars of Jem will up their health game and sex appeal: our certified USDA organic, sprouted, raw nut butters are stone ground for hours making a perfect pairing to any post-workout snack. 

Three 6 oz jars fit nicely in a reusable linen drawstring bag, ready to go under the tree. In total, you will receive 1 bag with 3 jars of JEM, with the flavor blends you choose : [choose three of the following] Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Spread, Hazelnut Raw Cacao Sprouted Spread, Superberry Maqui Camu Sprouted Almond Spread, Cashew Cardamom Sprouted Almond Spread.