Our Favorite JEM Recipes

Two flatbread pizzas with vegetables and cured meats.

These flatbreads may be one of your favorite recipes ever! They are so easy to make, the perfect balance of sweet and salty and great for a backyard dinner in the summer time.

Made with JEM Organics Pistachio Ginseng Cashew Butter & Maple Pecan Almond Butter

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Homemade donuts with glaze and drizzled with nut butter
Happy National Donut Day! In true JEM fashion we have a healthier twist on the classic pasty. These Vegan Baked Donuts are easy to make, healthy and surprisingly delicious. Celebrate donut day and make them for your self!
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Fork digging into a stuffed banana with chocolate chips, nut butter and walnuts

We took a banana, stuffed it with all the goodies: JEM Organics, chocolate chips and walnuts and threw it in the air fryer. Out came a caramelized, gooey and ohh so delicious treat!

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Banana Bites
These easy sweet and healthy treats are the perfect snack for anyone with a sweet tooth who is trying to eat a bit healthier this new year.
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