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What is Maca
We are entranced by the idea of hygge, a Danish word that is roughly translated into English as “cozy.” Its true meaning captures a broader sense of shared warmth, community, conviviality and harmony meant to honor and cherish winter as a season in...
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Christmas Arrival & Recall Update - JEM Organics
Dear devoted Jem followers, Thank you for all your positive support these last two weeks. Over the years, you have told us just how much you appreciate JEM for producing such a wonderful, healthy, and delicious product. You’ve thanked us...
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Letter From The Jem Butter Founders - JEM Organics
Our commitment to transparency and responsibility as a food provider “ALTHOUGH JEM RAW PRODUCTS HAVE NOT TESTED POSITIVE FOR SALMONELLA, WE FEEL STRONGLY THAT ISSUING A VOLUNTARY RECALL IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO…” Dear Valued Customers, After careful deliberation,...
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