A Word About COVID-19, the JEM Family and Keeping Our Products on Your Shelves

A Word About COVID-19, the JEM Family and Keeping Our Products on Your Shelves - JEM Organics

JEM Organics is and always will be about people. We're a small, passionate group with a commitment to excellence, a commitment to our customers, and a commitment to each other. In addition to the rigorous health and safety regulations we always follow, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and wellness of our staff, and the safety of the ridiculously delicious nut butter we produce.  Some of these additional precautions include social distancing, additional deep cleaning of our production areas, and frequent confirmation of the health of our young staff. 

With our enhanced safety practices, we intend to continue the full production of JEM products during this extraordinary time in our world.  We believe it is important to provide our products to those for whom JEM is an essential part of their healthy diet, as well as for those who see JEM as a joyful treat. Therefore, both our online operations and our supply to retail partners will continue while it's safe for us and our partners to operate.

JEM strongly believes that we are all flowers of one garden and leaves of one tree and together we can withstand anything. With this in mind, we deliver our delicious, healthy, and safe products to everyone in our community, everywhere. 

We thank you for your support of JEM and we wish you a safe and healthy path navigating these challenging new times.

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  • Cindy

    Thanks for all you do. Any crisis is better if there is JEM in the house!!

    Cindy 😃

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